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Blogics! A Learning Tool for Enabling Wearable Computing Modules for Beginners

Velloso, E.; Filippo, D.; Fuks, H. Blogics! A Learning Tool for Enabling Wearable Computing Modules for Beginners. Proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Computers in Education (ICCE'11) . Chiang Mai, Thailand: Asia-Pacific Society for Computers in Education, 2011.

Temas: CSCL, Interação Tangível, Desenvolvimento de Sistemas, Eletrônica, Estudo de Caso, Questionário


Abstract: Computer Science and Engineering learning can be at times rather frustrating for beginners, commonly leading to evasion, especially of women. Hence, motivating these students becomes a challenge for researchers and lecturers. A Wearable Computing module at the beginning of the course might be a solution to help mitigate the attrition problem. Not only wearables are very attractive for women, it also involves several areas of interest for the Computer Engineering student such as programming, embedded systems, circuit design and implementation. Moreover, students can see a tangible result at the end. However, most students entering an Engineering course have little or no knowledge of electronics at all. To tackle this problem, we developed a desktop-based tool for the learning of logic diagrams aimed at beginners and non-specialists, named ?Blogics!?. Blogics! was evaluated with beginners at the subject using a PC desktop and an interactive touch sensitive whiteboard.